Low-ropes courses can be used almost...

low ropes course

Low-ropes courses can be used almost everywhere without limits.

In contrast to high ropes courses, they are not so much oriented towards sporting objectives and individual success, but rather towards playful, moving problem-solving tasks in a team.

A low ropes course essentially consists of ropes stretched between trees (poles) and rope elements at step height, which in different arrangements form different courses.


  • To promote and strengthen teamwork and social competence
  • Training of communication skills in the team
  • Promoting the ability to discuss and resolve conflicts 
  • Development of solution strategies
  • Strengthening the team spirit in the group
  • Improvement of the learning climate and the working atmosphere
  • Strengthening of self-perception and perception of others

We can provide you with the appropriate ropes and individual elements to build your own personal ropes course. And should you not be able to find the one or other part, we are always happy to help you.

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