Hammock Floor Net

Hammock Floor Net

Discover the ultimate living experience with our exquisite living and lounging nets. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and aesthetics that combines architecture and comfort. Our translucent nets create a harmonious atmosphere that makes reading and relaxing an incomparable pleasure.

Easy to install, our mesh can be used to enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether indoors or outdoors, our high quality materials and careful workmanship guarantee maximum comfort and well-being.

With a wide range of mesh sizes and colours, we give you the freedom to realise your architectural vision. Our nets fit seamlessly into any design, adding a unique lightness to your space.

Experience architecture combined with the art of relaxation. Find your own personal retreat where you can let go and leave the world behind. Welcome to a world where functionality and elegance go hand in hand. Welcome to us - your partner for exceptional living and lounging nets.

Not every living room or sun lounger is rectangular or square, the sides are often different lengths due to the design, cut-outs for getting in and out need to be planned and much more. No problem, just send us a sketch, pictures or give us a call. We will be happy to find a solution and give you a quote.

What is the gap that you are trying to fill?

Firstly, what shape is the gap you want to fill?

A different shape to the ones listed below? No problem! Just send us a sketch with the dimensions of the gap to be filled to info@etze-seile-mehr.de and you will receive a customised quote!

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