S Polypropylene (PP) spun fibre ropes not...

PP-spun fibre ropes, polyhemp

SPolypropylene (PP) spun fibre ropes not only feel soft, but can also be confused with natural hemp ropes because of their texture and colour, but are much more resistant.
Therefore it is used a lot where a natural look is desired, whether as handrail rope, rigging or for climbing nets.

  • Construction: 3-4 strands Material: 100% polypropylene (PP)
  • Manufacture according to DIN 83329
  • Presentation per meter or as 220 meter hawser
  • Higher strength than hemp
  • good rub resistance
  • very light, floats
  • high resistance to weathering
  • very good resistance to chemicals
  • very handy
  • good to splice
  • Colour hemp, cannot be dyed afterwards

You can choose different processing variants for one or both rope ends here.
On request, we also manufacture rope end connections according to your wishes and requirements.

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