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Horses are steppe animals and in the course of their development they have adapted optimally to their habitat. As the horses' stomachs are relatively small, it is necessary for the animal to be able to eat small portions of feed rich in crude fibre throughout the day, horses eat at least 12 hours a day.



With our feeding nets we want to support this and help you to find the right net for your animal.

With a feeding net, you not only avoid eating too much in a short time and the possible consequences such as laminitis etc., but also the spreading and blowing away of the hay, which also makes the purchase economically reasonable.

Feeding hay nets made of solid knotless PP netting, in different sizes and shapes.

      Material properties:

·         Polypropylene (PPM), knotless net material

·         Wster repellent

·         dirt-repellentd

·         Good resistance to acids and alkalis

·         Good rub resistance

·         Good UV resistance

·         Saliva proof

Individual made-to-measure production

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