casting net | 10mm mesh size | 2,7m diameter | white

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casting net | 10mm mesh size | 2,7m diameter | white

The casting net is often used for test fishing to check if the fish are the right size before the fish are unnecessarily stressed by the use of towed nets.

Product details:

  • 10mm mesh size
  • 2,7mm diameter
  • 1,35m radius
  • approx. 8,50m circumference
  • nylon thread 210/4, approx. 0,4mm

The article is completely assembled with lead weights and pull cords, carefully finished with pull cord guidance through perforated discs and with swivels between throwing line and pull cords. Due to the thin netting yarn the net sinks quickly in the water.

Area of application: Throwing nets should only be used in water areas without vegetation and with unobstructed ground conditions in order to achieve good catching results and to avoid getting caught on the bottom.

Function: The net has a lead weight on its outer circumference, which ensures that the net sinks quickly when it hits the water surface in a circle. When the lead line has reached the bottom of the water, the fish under the net cannot escape. Pull lines running from the lead lines through the middle of the net ensure that the net contracts on the bottom as it is caught up.

Handling: - 1. as a right-handed person, loop the hand line around your right wrist. Grasp the wrist line in small bays with your right hand (Figure 1). - 2. pull the pull cords upwards and check that all cords are untwisted and running freely. (Figure 2). - 3. grasp the net in the upper third with your right hand (figure 3). - 4. check that the lead line has not become snagged (figure and 4). - Hold the lead line with your left hand at a point facing your body (figure 5). - 6. throw the net by turning your body from right to left (figure 6). Practice makes perfect. We wish you a good catch.

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