PP- Spinnfasertauwerk - hanffarben - Ø 36 mm

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Länge (in 10 cm Schritten) "1" = 1 Meter bzw. "0,1" = 10 cm
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The polypropylene (PP) spun fibre rope not only feels soft, but can also be confused with natural hemp ropes due to its texture and colour, but is much more resistant.
Therefore it is used a lot where a natural look is desired,
whether as handrail rope, rigging or for climbing nets.

    • diameter Ø 36 mm
    • Design: 4 - stringy
    • Material: 100% polypropylene (PP)
    • Breaking load approx. 9300 daN (kg)
    • Weight 41 kg / 100 meters
    • Manufacture according to DIN 83329
    • Presentation per meter
    • Higher strength than hemp
    • good rub resistance
    • very light, floats
    • high resistance to weathering
    • very good resistance to chemicals
    • very handy
    • good to splice
    • Colour hemp, cannot be dyed afterwards
    • for knots calculate approx. 32 cm additional rope length

Anleitung gesteckte Seilverbindung

Contents: 1,00 m
nur abgeklebt
mit Schrumpfschlauch
Kausche Niro mit Augspleiß     
Augspleiß ca. Ø 100 mm
Augspleiß ca. Ø 150 mm
Augspleiß ca. Ø 200 mm
Augspleiß ca. Ø 250 mm
Augspleiß ca. Ø 300 mm

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